About Andrea Ford

I am a qualitative researcher and writer who is endlessly curious about the world and its people. I do a variety of work to keep things interesting --- the common thread is empathizing with different perspectives. I am able to figure out who I'm speaking to and what they care about. Whether wordsmithing for academic nuance or enjoyable prose, teaching a concept to students or executives, or conducting an intimate interview or sweeping social analysis, seeing things from many different angles comes quite naturally to me.

It is also an ability I have honed through over fifteen years of work, study, and travel. Currently I am a Research Fellow at the Centre for Biomedicine, Self, and Society at the University of Edinburgh. My consulting clients include the FrameWorks Institute and the UK Department of Health and Social Care, and I have been a writer for Stanford Medicine. I hold a PhD in anthropology from the University of Chicago, as well as an interdisciplinary BA from UC Berkeley and a MA in African Studies from the University of Ghana.

In addition, I help people navigate their reproductive experiences as a birth and full-spectrum doula. This also requires a lot of empathy! Learn more here.


My academic research lies at the intersection of reproductive and environmental justice, two topics about which I care deeply. I have done projects and published on childbearing, endometriosis, menstruation, hormones, FemTech, toxicity, epistemology, the body, gender, and political economy. I love teaching these subjects, and particularly enjoy introducing people to an anthropological perspective on the world.


I am always interested in hearing from people curious about my work or looking to collaborate.



My Latest Projects


A book for thoughtful people who are curious about why the "right" way to have babies is so contested. A story weaving together bodies, knowledge, gender, technology, and the Californian "final frontier." An exploration of childbearing practices as microcosms of American cultural values.

An argument for how -- and why -- birth matters.



I consult as a research fellow for The FrameWorks Institute, a progressive social science think tank that researches how to better communicate with the public about issues of pressing social significance. We "bridge" colloquial and expert understandings through analysis of metaphor, narrative, and cognitive framing. Since 2012, I have worked with both their Washington, DC and UK branches.

I have worked on a wide variety of projects, with topics including vaccines, immigration, child development, adolescent drug use, nuclear policy, farming, economically integrated neighborhoods, the "generation gap," child development, safety in healthcare, and public health.  

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