As a teacher, my goal is to balance theoretical rigor, public relevance, and inclusive pedagogy. 

Upper-division self-designed courses

Reproductive Worlds: The Global Politics of Reproduction
Winner of the Global Studies Prize Lectureship, University of Chicago
The Lived Body: Anthropology, Materiality, and Meaningful Practice
Winner of the Starr Prize Lectureship in Anthropology, University of Chicago
California: Utopia/Dystopia
University of Chicago
Embodied Ecologies
Motherhood in American Culture

Lower-division self-designed courses

Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
Stanford University
Gender, the Body, and American Culture
University of Chicago
The Problems and Promise of Industrialization
University of Chicago, Arts and Sciences in Asia
Introduction to Medical Anthropology

Core Sequences

Research and Evidence Based Medicine    
        University of Edinburgh, Medical School

Ethnography and Visual Methods (Foundations of Knowledge lecture)
        University of Edinburgh Medical School

Gender and Sexuality in World Civilizations
University of Chicago, Gender and Sexuality Studies Core
Power, Identity, and Resistance
University of Chicago, College Social Science Core

Contemporary Global Issues
University of Chicago, Global Studies Core